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Adopt Paw

Give a adorable Pet a 2nd Home. Check our list visit our centers before you choose to buy a pet.

Many a Time people buy pets for the wrong reasons and quickly change their minds. Sometimes circumstances overwhelm them and pets are given up to an adoption home or just put onto streets.

All our Pets are checked by veterinarians for vaccinations, potty training, behavioral issues. We help you choose the best pet to suit your home, mingle with your other pets. Talk to our expert at the nearest center now.

About Paw is expanding across United States with its Franchisee outlets offering pet shelters, pet adoption, Pet Boarding primarily for Dogs and Cats. For other pets like birds, hedgehogs etc check with local center if the service is available. S

We share a passion for Dogs and strive to provide the best care for all Pets. We believe there is always a relationship waiting to be discovered between you and your pet. We never know. Just drop-in you might like something special just for you.

We volunteer for pet rescues in case you plan for something. Or if you would like to join us just register with us and we will keep you posted of the next pet rescue campaign scheduled in your local area.

Very soon we plan to launch our own App to bring volunteers, pet homes, rescuers, animal lovers, pet adopters on one platform to share their stories.

What you get?

ADOPT PAW” is one of the best pet sitting company.

Adopt paw is founded to reduce homelessness among Dogs. Currently only 1 in 10 dogs gets to live in a Household. The rest are with pet breeders, animal shelters, rescue homes or streets. Every year 3 million dogs are euthanized or killed to make space for ever increasing dogs and cats in United States.

American families keep approximately 165 million dogs and cats as pets, and seventeen million Americans acquire a pet each year. If we offer an alternative many a household would adopt a pet so that we can reduce the no. of dogs and cats euthanized by a lethal injection.

$0 Cost to Animal Rescues and Shelters

Adopt Paw collects a small percentage of each adoption fee, so there is no direct cost to animal rescues and shelters. We succeed when more of your pets are adopted!